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hello this is a cool blog BE MY FRIEND

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lies down ok that is enough drawing for today i think i have sufficiently embarrassed myself. i am so awful and out of touch with poses and anatomy and colours. will probably wake up tomorrow morning and wonder why i posted them anyway goodnight!!!

Anonymous asked: Hi. You are a stunning girl :) Are you currently in a relationship?

dghww than k you that is so sweet?!! and no im not :)


hello sorry i have been pretty awol on this blog but dw there is some content coming your way soon!! i bought a mac a couple of months ago and only now got to play around with it a little bit; ive been fixing up my tablet and photoshop on it…„, macs are so different and irritating…. but so cute and fun. kind of like me  aNYWAY

see you soon with hopefully some gay drawings!!!